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We offer powerful technology solutions to help your business run smarter, faster and better.

Who we are

We are TekTorch, a fast-emerging Sydney-based tech company with a difference. We pride ourselves on our ability to think deeply, build swiftly and execute ideas to grow your business.

Whether it’s taking a prototype to market, modernising your tech systems or bringing fresh ideas to the table, we create scalable systems that last – and add extraordinary value.

Because our handpicked engineering team has experience at IIT, Yahoo! and more, our focus is always on the end user experience. We take the time to understand the needs of your customers and your business, see the whole picture and get results.

Who we partner with

We collaborate with small to medium-sized businesses across different sectors who are ready to scale. Our are savvy CEOs, CTOs, Strategy Managers or Product Owners. They understand that we’re living in a new reality: seize opportunities for digital transformation and grow, or do nothing and get left behind.

Enabling businesses to be at the forefront of change is what we do best.

Our clients

What we do

Our bespoke solutions combine software engineering expertise and data science with business savvy and big-picture strategy.

User focus

Our aim is to build not just a great product, but a great product for your customer. We do it quickly and creatively.

Agile approach

We collaborate closely and deliver weekly milestones to keep things moving. There is no tech issue we cannot conquer.

End-to-end delivery

From initial conception to project execution and beyond, we’ve got your back.

Value adding

The end game is to add value to your business. We provide simple and clever solutions to complex problems.

Our Skills

We build platform agnostic, highly scalable tech solutions that last by using advanced thinking and timely insights.

Enterprise Software Development

  • Highly resilient platforms
  • Scalable & secure
  • Micro-services
  • Managed services frameworks

Engineering Research

  • Research
  • Ideation
  • Validation
  • Architecture
  • Engineering for web and mobile

Big Data

  • IoT streaming analytics
  • AWS/Azuer/GCP cloud-hosted big data solutions
  • Data science lab design
  • Big Data strategy, architecture & roadmap

BI, Analytics & Insights

  • Data warehouse architecture & implementation
  • ETL – Extract, Transform and Load
  • Data delivery
  • Structured searc

Machine Learning & AI

  • Prediction & classification
  • Key driver analysis
  • Retail basket & recommendation analysis
  • Scheduling & planning optimisation
  • NLP

Our products

Our obsession with solving problems has led us to create our own suite of products, with our team investing their spare time and thinking into them. Merging our understanding of technology, of the user and the gaps we know exist in the market, we’ve built the following:


A service which enables your phone number to be used as an email ID


A mobile-first, multi-platform CRM software for real estate professionals using Artificial Intelligence


Allows web users to make in-depth “Knowledge Books” as they browse useful texts, images, videos and screenshots on the net


A droid travel agent that’s revolutionising business travel bookings

Lines of Code

Cups of coffee

Years in business


Customer Satisfaction

What we believe

  • Be nimble and responsive
  • Understand the customer behind the business.
    Have empathy for their challenges.
  • Explore the business behind the product
  • Release usable versions and keep adding features
  • Technology should just work
  • Clean and simple user experience is the key. Aim
    to delight.
  • Offer unparalleled efficiency and focus
  • Whatever we deliver should work flawlessly

Let’s make something great together.

In a world of rapid technological change, staying ahead of the pack can deliver greater value and revenue to your business. Let TekTorch be your specialist partner on your journey of transformation. With our world-class expertise and smart solutions, we’re there for you every step of the way.

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